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My child wants to get colored contact lenses to go with their Halloween costume this year

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Question: My child wants to get colored contact lenses to go with their Halloween costume this year. Are these safe for their eyes?

Answer: Cosmetic contact lenses can be a very exciting way to change a look or complete a costume. However, there are many reasons that a contact lens is considered a medical device. A contact lens that is not fitted or used correctly puts the eye at risk for many potentially serious complications. There are many ways to minimize this risk, including using a material that is safe for the eye, having a contact lens that fits properly, as well as proper use and handling of the contact. A contact made of a quality material will readily allow the front of the eye to breathe. Next, a contact must be fit properly to ensure that it isn’t too tight or loose on the eye. Finally, proper handling is required to minimize the risk of trauma or eye infections.

The safest option if you wish to wear decorative contact lenses for Halloween is speaking with your Optometrist. A visit to the Optometrist can help pick out a healthy lens (including coloured options), and ensure the best fit on your eye. Remember to book an appointment early as sometimes it can take multiple attempts for a child to be able to comfortably insert and remove a contact if they’ve never worn one before.

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