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Why do you use so many instruments during an eye examination?

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Question: Why do you use so many instruments during an eye examination? Are they really necessary?

Answer: As technology has advanced, it has greatly enhanced our ability to detect and manage many eye diseases to provide the best care. There are also many instruments that can be used to get results faster, allowing for more time with the doctor to review all of the findings and plan.

One of the most common instruments is an autorefractor, which can measure how light goes into, and reflects out of, the eye. This allows the doctor more time to spend fine-tuning the prescription with the patient for the best visual outcomes.

Another common instrument is called an optical coherence tomography (OCT), which scans the back of the eye hundreds of thousands of times in just a few seconds! This allows for extremely detailed imaging and analysis to help detect and manage diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Finally, our newest instrument takes coloured, high definition, widefield images of the back of the eye, allowing us to better determine any risk factors or diseases present, as well as documenting so we can compare it at your future visits.

When you have your next exam, you can know that all of the instruments being used are to help enhance your eye care!

Written by Mayfair Optometric Clinic

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