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What products do you recommend?

Question: My friends recommend different brands of eye drops and I am unsure which would work best for me. What products do you recommend? Answer: Excellent question, as not all eyes drops are the same! Even drops that are marketed for the same thing, such as lubricating drops, are all different in their composition and how they […]

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Do the photochromatic lenses in my everyday glasses have the same effect as sunglasses?

Answer: Photochromic lenses (commonly known as Transitions ™) are a great option for adding convenience and comfort to your prescription lenses. Photochromatic lenses use a proprietary UV sensitive technology that allows them to remain clear inside yet tint darker when outside in the sun. The difference between photochromatic lenses and sunglasses is that photochromatic lenses change […]

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Choosing new glasses can be overwhelming

Question: I find the process of choosing new glasses quite overwhelming as there are so many options. Are you able to recommend specific shapes and styles that would work with my features? Answer: Excellent question! We have a spectacular group of dispensers at our clinic with years of experience fitting patients into the right set of glasses. […]

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Choosing New Glasses, Don’t get Overwhelmed

Question: I find the process of choosing new glasses quite overwhelming, can you make this process easier? Answer: Excellent question! Although options for lenses and frames allow for customization like never before, it can also make the process daunting. Our dispensers have years of experience and are up to date on all the latest technologies to ease […]

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