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I have never worn contact lenses before

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Question: I have never worn contact lenses before, but would like to wear them when I am exercising. How do I go about finding the right ones for me?

Answer: Contact lenses are an excellent option for those who require a prescription, but cannot or do not want to wear glasses. There are many factors that go into a contact lens prescription that make it different than a glasses prescription. The first and most important step is finding a contact lens that fits the eye well. Your Optometrist will take measurements of the front curve of your eye, and then select a lens to assess whether it fits properly. Afterwards, the power of the prescription will be checked to get you your best vision.

After the proper lens is selected, you will need to undergo a fitting and training session to ensure the safe handling of the lens. Proper cleaning and care protocols will also be discussed. For some people, the task of inserting a lens into your eye can be challenging at first, but our team can help make it the easiest and safest experience possible. After the initial fit and training, often a trial pair of lenses will be used to ensure the vision meets your day-to-day demands. Finally, a subsequent visit is set up to ensure everything is meeting expectations, the fit is good and the eye health after wearing the lens. If everything looks good, then you’re now a contact lens wearer!

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