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I need to wear safety glasses at my job

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Question: I need to wear safety glasses at my job, but also wear prescription glasses. Can they be combined?

Answer: Yes! Prescription safety eyewear is a very common request, and is an excellent idea as it can keep you safe, increase your comfort, and prevent your normal prescription glasses from being damaged. There are many different types of safety lenses or goggles as well, depending on your specific needs. Different jobs may have specific workplace safety requirements and standards that need to be met. Everyday prescription lenses often don’t meet those safety requirements, and although they do offer some protection, they may not shield or protect the eye enough. Safety eyewear can also be much more comfortable when compared to putting generic goggles over top of your everyday glasses.

To build a pair of safety glasses, the first step is to visit your Optometrist to get an updated prescription. Afterwards, we will discuss your specifics needs, purpose, and preference to determine the optimal type and parameters of safety glasses. There are a variety of options available to make them just right for you. There are even protective eyewear options for more than just your workplace such as for sports or swimming. Whether they’re for squash, swimming, recreational shooting, or other activities, we can accommodate your needs to make everyday experiences more enjoyable, and visible!

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