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Do I need to see my Optometrist more often now that I am a senior?

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Question: Do I need to see my Optometrist more often now that I am a senior? I have to hold the newspaper quite far away to read now, and I think my vision is worsening.

Answer: Current recommendations for adults 65 and older are to have their eyes checked every year. As we grow older we are at a higher risk of various conditions of the eye including cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Like most conditions, early detection of eye diseases tends to lead to much better outcomes. As well there are many conditions of the rest of the body that can be picked up during a routine eye examination, including cardiovascular diseases which have an increased incidence in seniors.

One thing that most people notice over time is the inability to see comfortably to read. Luckily this isn’t a disease and is just part of getting older. The inability to see up close is called presbyopia, and happens when the lens inside the eye has less of an ability to focus on objects at near. This happens to everyone, and most people start to notice it around the age of 40. Luckily there are many spectacle options available depending on your lifestyle and specific visual demands. There are pros and cons to all corrective lenses, and after ensuring your eyes are healthy, your Optometrist will be able to recommend a lens that meets your specific needs.

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