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Ask the Doctor – Choosing the Right Eye Drops: Professional Recommendations and Safety Tips

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Dr. Taylor

My friends recommend different brands of eye drops and I am unsure which would work best for me. What products do you recommend?

Answer: Excellent question, as not all eye drops are the same! Even drops that are marketed for the same thing, such as lubricating drops, are all different in their composition and how they are best used. Generally, you shouldn’t be using any eye drops unless your eye care professional has suggested them. Often people assume that over the counter medications are always safe. However, any product used incorrectly has risk, and delaying appropriate diagnosis can make management of your condition more difficult to treat.

Your Optometrist can give recommendations based on your specific needs, as well as ensuring you are using the product safely. In some cases prescription drops are more appropriate than over the counter options. As well, there are treatments that are only available through an eye care clinic. Additionally, there may be therapies other than drops that are recommended such as supplements, Omega 3s, or hot compress masks.

Everyone’s eyes are different. Contact your Optometrist if you have any questions regarding what products they recommend, and what would be most beneficial to your specific needs!

At Mayfair Optometric Clinic we provide a welcoming environment for patients to receive eye exams and pick out the perfect eyewear that works for each individual.

Please give us a call to book your appointment with Dr. Peddle or myself.

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