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Choosing New Glasses, Don’t get Overwhelmed

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Question: I find the process of choosing new glasses quite overwhelming, can you make this process easier?

Answer: Excellent question! Although options for lenses and frames allow for customization like never before, it can also make the process daunting. Our dispensers have years of experience and are up to date on all the latest technologies to ease the process.

While most people think of “frames” when they think about glasses, there are three aspects which are all important: lens design, frame, and fitting. The type of lens that best matches your visual requirements will come from a discussion with your doctor. After the type of lens is recommended, there are specific designs to further personalize them to your individual needs and budget. Lens coatings will also likely be discussed to further improve your vision and eye comfort. Afterwards, it’s time to pick out a frame that looks great! The dispenser will help pick out a frame that highlights facial features and matches your style. Finally, they will ensure that your frame is adjusted and fitting right. Even the best prescription and lens design won’t work if the frame isn’t correctly fit and adjusted properly. After the lens and frames are selected, the dispenser will put the order in and a new personalized pair of glasses will be ready before you know it!

Written by Mayfair Optometric Clinic

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