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How do I get fitted for contact lenses?

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Question: I am getting married in a few months and do not want to wear my glasses. How do I get fitted for contact lenses?

Answer: Contact lenses are a great alternative for special events, especially when lots of photos are being taken. Many people want to see their happy eyes on their big day and not their glasses!

As contact lenses are considered a medical device, a comprehensive eye exam must be done within the past year before obtaining a contact lens prescription. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that your prescription is as up-to-date as possible, as well as ensure the contact is fitting properly and is healthy for your eye. Furthermore, because of the shape and size of the lenses, as well as the fact that they sit directly on the eye, a contact lens prescription is not the same as a glasses prescription. A fitting appointment will be scheduled to discuss your prescription, along with the pros and cons of different types of contacts. In your case, disposable daily lenses may be the way to go if you are only wearing them occasionally. You will be trained to safely handle, care for, and clean the lenses. You will leave the fitting appointment with a pair of trial lenses, and most likely a date to return roughly a week later to see how they are working before an order is placed. If no changes need to be made, an order can be placed for you to have a contact lens supply in time for your big day!

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