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Helping Ukrainian refugees with eye wear

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Mayfair eye clinic gearing up to help refugees

Mayfair Optometric Clinic, in partnership with Essilor Canada and the Essilor Vision Foundation, is donating lenses, lab work and eyewear products to help Ukrainian refugees who are expected to arrive in Victoria in late April.

“We are happy to have Essilor Canada on board to help us take care of the incoming Ukrainian refugees with free glasses and repairs as needed,” said Mary Lou Newbold, Mayfair Optometric Clinic chief executive.

“Ukrainians continue to flee their cities and towns for safety from the conflict with only what they can carry. If they have left behind eye wear or need repairs after their journey to Victoria, we, along with Essilor Canada, want to step up and provide that for them.”

The Essilor Vision Foundation Canada (EVFC) was inaugurated in 2015 as the charitable arm of Essilor Canada, with the objective to help create access to vision care for the most vulnerable and underserved populations in Canada. Working with partners throughout the optical and vision care industry, EVFC engages in projects that aim to eliminate barriers to accessing comprehensive eye care and vision correction in underserved communities to fulfill Essilor’s corporate mission to help Canadians see more, be more, and live life to its fullest.

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