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Annual Retreat | Packed with Education and Fun

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We work hard to make our annual retreat a packed, educational, and fun-filled experience for our team. We made some major adjustments in 2020 by containing our activities to be predominantly held within the clinic, and this year was no different. The retreat theme was “80’s, BEAT IT”, and the office decor and staff costumes did not disappoint! We started our morning with coffee (of course) and baked goods from Patisserie Danielle. The majority of our day was filled with a wonderful interactive presentation by Theresa Ito of Blue Mountain Solutions, with a focus on our internal experiences throughout the pandemic, and how it translated into our business. This was a great time for our team to express their trials, concerns as well as successes over the past year. We learned a lot, and these exercises brought a positive effect to our communication and ideas for the business moving forward.

We had a delicious lunch from local food truck Cup-A-Roni, took team photos, and listened to some awesome 80’s hits! Later on in the afternoon, we headed to Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre for dinner and a Royals game! Awards were given for best costume, participation, and more, with trophies and Poppies floral bouquets. Dr. Taylor tracked down a polaroid camera for the occasion, lots of photos were taken, lots of snacks were eaten, and lots of fun was had! Thank you to our patients for supporting our closure for the day, and to our staff for making it so enjoyable!

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